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Diaper Dékor Diaper Disposal

No more inserting, twisting or pushing. The Dékor Diaper Disposal Systems are truly hands free! Simply step on the pedal and drop the dirty diaper into the diaper pail. The reusable cartridge makes changing Dekor refills quick and easy.

Odor Containment for Diaper Pails
The unique rubber sealed trap door traps in odors, keeping your nursery odor-free. There are no batteries or filters to replace either. The odor resistant ABS plastic is easy to use and clean, even using bleach won't turn the plastic yellow.

Elegantly Designed
The new attractive design makes the diaper pail easy to fit any nursery style. Its an easy-to use diaper disposal system parents would be happy to use!

For use with disposable or cloth diapers!

Diaper Dekor Diaper Pail Disposal System

• Simply step on the pedal and the lid opens. Drop your diaper into pail and you are done!
• Unique trap door design prevents odors from escaping into your nursery.
• Contemporary, clean design for use anywhere in your home.
• Diaper Dékor refills hold more diapers than the leading brand, up to twelve times as many!
• Made of durable scratch resistant ABS plastic that doesn't "pick up" odor.
• Use after diapers as garbage can, also great for kitty litter or in the garage!

3 Sizes to Fit Any Customers Needs!

Dekor - regular size

Great choice for: smaller nurseries, grandparents, one pail upstairs and one downstairs, families just starting out


Dekor Plus - Our best seller!

Great choice for: larger families, one pail in the household, less frequent emptying


Refills and Liners

Diaper Dekor RefillsDiaper Dekor refills are available in both regular and biodegradable.  Both liners are strong, easy to use, powder scented, and offer superb capacity! Diaper pail refills are available for both the Diaper Dèkor and Diaper Dèkor Plus in a Two-Pack Value size.

Now you can enjoy the simplicity of the Dékor Plus Step and Drop functionality when using cloth diapers with the Dekor Cloth Diaper Liner.

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